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Building where cows are housed

Is a member of Livestock housing

  1. II Cow House and Stables with Haylofts and Granary Approximately 10 Metres to West of Oakeley House
    Shropshire, SY9
  2. II Cowhouse Approximately 10 Metres North East of Manor Farmhouse
    Curbridge, West Oxfordshire, OX29
  3. II Cowhouse Approximately 10 Metres North East of Priory Farmhouse
    Lyneham, West Oxfordshire, OX7
  4. II Cowhouse Approximately 10 Metres South West of Church Farmhouse
    Edgton, Shropshire, SY7
  5. II Cow House Approximately 10 Metres to North West of Middle Farmhouse
    Betchcott, Shropshire, SY6
  6. II Cowhouse Approximately 10 Yards West of Leehouse Farmhouse
    Waterhouses, Staffordshire Moorlands, Staffordshire, ST10
  7. II Cow House Approximately 12 Metres North of Great Weeke Farmhouse
    Great Weeke, West Devon, TQ13
  8. II Cow House Approximately 15 Metres North North East of Hemerdon Farm House
    Hemerdon, South Hams, Devon, PL7
  9. II Cowhouse Approximately 15 Metres North West of Bank Farmhouse
    Shropshire, SY5
  10. II Cow House Approximately 15 Metres South South East of Voss Farm House
    South Hams, Devon, PL7
  11. II Cow House Approximately 15 Metres to North East of Hall Farmhouse
    Picklescott, Shropshire, SY6
  12. II Cowhouse Approximately 15 Metres to North-West of Pentre Farmhouse
    Pentre, Shropshire, SY7
  13. II Cowhouse Approximately 15 Metres West of Number 603 (Chase Farm) Photos
    Loxley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6
  14. II Cowhouse Approximately 1 Metre East of Glebe Farmhouse
    Draycote, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23
  15. II Cowhouse Approximately 20 Metres East of Perrotts Hill Farmhouse
    North Leigh, West Oxfordshire, OX29
  16. II Cowhouse Approximately 20 Metres North East of Old Hall Farmhouse
    Breaden Heath, Shropshire, SY13
  17. II Cowhouse Approximately 20 Metres South of the Woodhouse
    County of Herefordshire, HR6
  18. II Cowhouse Approximately 20 Metres South-West of Rockley Farmhouse
    Chirbury with Brompton, Shropshire, SY15
  19. II Cow House Approximately 20 Metres to North East of Wytheford Hall
    Great Wytheford, Shropshire, SY4
  20. II Cow House Approximately 20 Metres to South East of the Malsters Tap
    Cardington, Shropshire, SY6
  21. II Cowhouse Approximately 20 Yards South East of Madeley Park Farmhouse
    East Staffordshire, ST10
  22. II Cow House Approximately 25 Metres North East of Cholwich Farmhouse
    South Hams, Devon, PL21
  23. II Cow House Approximately 25 Metres to North West of Acorn Cottage
    Bishops Wood, South Staffordshire, ST19
  24. II Cowhouse Approximately 25 Metres West of Bank Farmhouse
    Shropshire, SY5
  25. II Cow House Approximately 25 Metres West of Yardworthy Farmhouse
    West Devon, TQ13
  26. II Cowhouse Approximately 25 Yards West of Town Head Farmhouse
    Alton, Staffordshire Moorlands, Staffordshire, ST10
  27. II Cow House Approximately 30 Metres North-East of Batworthy Farmhouse
    West Devon, TQ13
  28. II Cow House Approximately 30 Metres North East of Shilstone Farmhouse
    West Devon, TQ13
  29. II Cowhouse Approximately 30 Yards North East of Shaws Farmhouse Photos
    Cauldon, Staffordshire Moorlands, Staffordshire, ST10
  30. II Cowhouse Approximately 35 Metres South East of Chestlion Farmhouse
    Clanfield, West Oxfordshire, OX18
  31. II Cowhouse Approximately 3 Metres East of Gooseford Farmhouse
    West Devon, EX20
  32. II Cowhouse Approximately 40 Metres to South West of Abbey Farmhouse
    Stone, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66
  33. II* Cowhouse Approximately 410 Metres South of Rousham Park
    Rousham, West Oxfordshire, OX25
  34. II Cow House Approximately 4 Metres South-East of Chapple Farmhouse
    Forder, West Devon, TQ13
  35. II Cow House Approximately 50 Metres North East of Upper Sweeney Farmhouse
    Shropshire, SY10
  36. II Cowhouse Approximately 50 Metres North West of Stowe Farmhouse
    Stowe, Shropshire, LD7
  37. II Cowhouse Approximately 50 Yards North West of Abcott Manor
    Abcott, Shropshire, SY7
  38. II Cowhouse Approximately 5 Metres to South of Guilden Down Farmhouse
    Shropshire, SY7
  39. II Cow House Approximately 5 Metres to West of Upper Panpwnton Farmhouse
    Shropshire, LD7
  40. II Cowhouse Approximately 60 Metres South East of Beckley Park
    South Oxfordshire, OX3
  41. II Cowhouse Approximately 60 Metres South of Lower Aldress Farmhouse
    Shropshire, SY15
  42. II Cowhouse at Bodgarad
    Situated behind the farmhouse at Bodgarad, forming an L-shaped range of buildings with the adjoining calf-rearing house to the north-east.
  43. II Cow-house at Branas Uchaf
    Part of a group of farm buildings to the NE of the farmhouse. It faces N into the yard and is E of the barn. The main access for cattle was to the rear.
  44. II Cow house at Brigwallt y Coed
    On the NE side of the farmhouse.
  45. II Cow house at Bron Clydwr
    On the NW side of the house.
  46. II Cow house at Bryndinas
    To the S of the house and the southernmost of 3 parallel farm ranges.
  47. II Cowhouse at Bryn-ffoulk
    Situated just outside the garden of the cottage, a few metres to its SW.
  48. II Cowhouse at Bryngwdion
    Located on the east side of the farmyard at Bryngwdion.
  49. II Cowhouse at Cadwgan Farm
    15m west of the farmhouse.
  50. II Cowhouse at Caeronwy-isaf
    Situated immediately to the west of Caeronwy-isaf.
  51. II Cow house at Cefn Ceido Farm
    On the S side of the farmhouse
  52. II Cowhouse at Cefn Rhengwrt
    Situated on the northern side of the farmyard at Cefn Rhengwrt.
  53. II Cowhouse at Church Farm Approximately 10 Metres South East of Church of St James
    Rousham, West Oxfordshire, OX25
  54. II Cowhouse at Churchfields Farm
    Derbyshire Dales, Derbyshire, DE6
  55. II Cowhouse at Cilgynydd
    Situated across E side of farmyard at Cilgynydd.
  56. II Cowhouse at Cilrath Fach
    On the Western side of an open courtyard layout farmyard, downslope of the farmhouse. Approached via a long track some 700 yds NE of Redstone Cross
  57. II Cowhouse at Cors y Gedol Hall
    Cors y Gedol is ENE of Llanddwywe. The cowhouse is to the west of the upper yard, on the west side of the converted stable yard to the south of the hall.
  58. II Cowhouse at Court Farm
    Immediately on the north side of the junction of Usk Road and the A4042 and approached by a drive beside The Horse and Jockey P.H.
  59. II Cowhouse at Crafnant
    Slightly set back from the W side of the country road which leads up the Afon Artro Valley. The cowhouse lies directly SW of the house at Crafnant.
  60. II Cow house at Croff-y-Cyff
    On the E side of and facing the farmhouse.
  61. II Cow-house at Cwm Biga
    Located to the NE of the farmhouse, with the barn adjoining to the W.
  62. II Cow-house at Cyfnant Uchaf
    Situated on opposite side of track to barn at Cyfnant Uchaf, E of the stable range.
  63. II Cowhouse at Cynlas Fawr
    Located to the NE of the farmhouse, behind the agricultural range.
  64. II Cowhouse at E end of farmyard at Great Abbey Farm Photos
    Situated at E end of farm yard, opposite Great Abbey Farm, facing W and backing onto road.
  65. II Cowhouse at Eithinog-uchaf
    Located on the east side of the farmyard at Eithinog-uchaf; the farmyard sits to the north of the farmhouse on the track to Pant Eithinog, which itself lies just off Ffordd Clynnog.
  66. II Cowhouse at Falthwaite Grange Farm Approximately 15 Metres to North of Farmhouse
    Hood Green, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75
  67. II Cow house at Gelli Bach
    On the N side of the house.
  68. II Cowhouse at Gilwen
  69. II Cow House at Glan Ithon
    Below and to the SW of the main farmstead.
  70. II Cow-house at Green Meadow
    Situated on SE side of three-sided yard at Green Meadow
  71. II Cowhouse at Hafod y Llan
    Situated at the foot of Cwm y Llan between Llyn Dinas and Llyn Gwynant. The cowhouse encloses the yard to the NW.
  72. II Cowhouse at Hartsbarn Farm
    Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, GL17
  73. II Cow house at Hirfron Farm
    On the N side of the farmhouse.
  74. II Cowhouse at Isallt-fawr
    Issalt-fawr lies at the lower S end of Cwm Pennant, at the foot of the slope of Moel Issalt. The cowhouse stands some distance away to the SE of the farmhouse
  75. II Cowhouse at Lower Farm About 12 Yards West of Lower Farm Cottages
    Grafton, Wychavon, Worcestershire, GL20
  76. II Cowhouse at Maes-Caradoc
    Attached by short link section to south end of Maes-Caradoc from which it projects at right-angles to the front.
  77. II Cowhouse at Maes-gwyn
    The main cowhouse is the more westerly of two parallel farm ranges at right angles to the road, opposite Maes-gwyn.
  78. II Cowhouse at Maes-y-garnedd
    In an isolated rural location at the head of the Afon Cwmnantcol valley. Set at right angles to the SW corner of the house and attached agricultural range.
  79. II Cowhouse at Maes y Meillion
    Set back from the W side of the country road leading N from Eisingrug and to the NW of Maes y neuadd. The cowhouse is at the E of the group.
  80. II Cowhouse at Ngr SK 14254758
    Staffordshire Moorlands, Staffordshire, DE6
  81. II Cowhouse at Pen-hefyd Farm
    The cowhouse is on a levelled site, aligned on a north/south axis uphill from Penhefyd Farmhouse at the northern end of St Fagans village.
  82. II Cowhouse at Plas Nant-y-Meichiaid
    Located on steep ground on the N side of the farmyard, E of Plas Nant-y-meichiaid, and parallel with the barn.
  83. II Cowhouse at Plas-yr-esgob
    Across yard at north-west of the house.
  84. II Cowhouse at Prysan-fawr
    Located a short distance to the NE of the main farm group of Prysan-fawr.
  85. II Cowhouse at Rhiwerfa
    Rhiwerfa lies on level ground at high level on the NW side of the narrow valley of the Afon Fathew, and is reached by a steep farm road from the B4405, at Mile 6 from Twywn. The cowhouse is the middle
  86. II Cow House at Shirley Hall
    Shirley, Derbyshire Dales, Derbyshire, DE6
  87. II Cowhouse Attached at Right Angles to East End of Number 181
    Aston, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, TF9
  88. II Cow House Attached to North-East of Cider House and Dairy at the Lays Farmhouse
    Tarrington, County of Herefordshire, HR1
  89. II Cowhouse at Tidbury Green Farm
    Tidbury Green, Solihull, West Midlands, B90
  90. II Cowhouse at Tyddyn Isaf
    Set well back below the S side of the 'middle' road between Llanddona and Llangoed; the cowhouse is set at right angles to the house and boiling house, directly to W.
  91. II Cowhouse at Upper Bettws Farm
    Below the farmhouse to E and set into the slope.
  92. II Cowhouse at Upper Stanton Farm
    Up a track on the west side of the Llanthony road about 1500m north west of St Michael, Llanvihangel Crucorney. The cowhouse is opposite the farmhouse.
  93. II Cowhouse at Uwchlawr-coed
    Located at the E side of a country road c2km SE of the village of Llanbedr. The cowhouse is to N of the house and parallel to the agricultural range to its S.
  94. II Cowhouse at Uwchlaw'r-rhos
    Situated on south-west side of farmyard to north-east of the farmhouse at Uwchlaw'r-rhos.
  95. II Cow House at Walgoch Farm
    On the E side of the farmhouse.
  96. II Cowhouse at West Coombeshead
    Cornwall, PL17
  97. II Cowhouse at White Place Farm Approximately 35 Metres South West of White Place Farmhouse Photos
    Windsor and Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6
  98. II Cowhouse at Ysgubor-fawr
    Ysgubor-fawr lies at the E extermity of the community, reached from the road running N-S east of Bwlch Mawr. The cowhouse lies parallel to and behind the farmhouse, separated by the stock yard.
  99. II Cowhouse & Corn Store (including attached range to E.) at Brixton Farm
    Reached by a farm track S off the by-road leading to the A4066. Set across the slope and with farmhouse to W.
  100. II Cow House East of Court Farmhouse
    Credenhill, County of Herefordshire, HR4

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