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Listed Buildings in Presteigne, Powys

  1. II (Consec nos.) Church View
    Part of a mid C19 terraced row, stepped uphill to right and merging with No 1 Church View on left.
  2. II ,1,The Terrace,Norton,Presteigne,,LD8 2EL Photos
    On E side of road, about 250m S of St Andrew's Church.
  3. II ,2,The Terrace,Norton,Presteigne,,LD8 2EL
    On E side of road, about 250m S of St Andrew's Church.
  4. II ,3,The Terrace,Norton,Presteigne,,LD8 2EL
    On E side of road, about 250m S of St Andrew's Church.
  5. II ,4,The Terrace,Norton,Presteigne,,LD8 2EL
    On E side of road, about 250m S of St Andrew's Church.
  6. II ,5,The Terrace,Norton,Presteigne,,LD8 2EL
    On E side of road, about 250m S of St Andrew's Church.
  7. II ,6,The Terrace,Norton,Presteigne,,LD8 2EL
    On E side of road, about 250m S of St Andrew's Church.
  8. II 1 to 4 (Consec) Castle Dyche Photos
  9. II 11 Church Street
    Fronting the street in a terrace on the N side of the street.
  10. II 12 Church Street, including rear range Photos
    On the N side of Church Street, part of a continuous frontage of houses facing directly on to the road.
  11. II 13 Church Street
    On the N side of Church Street, part of a continuous frontage of houses facing directly on to the road.
  12. II 26 Hereford Street (Sw Side), Presteigne,,,,,powys,
    Adjoining Nos 27 and 28 which together form a detached building on the south-eastern edge of Presteigne; builder's yard to left.
  13. II 4 to 7 (Consec)
    Short row of cottages, slightly set back from street.
  14. II 6 & 7 Hereford Street
    At the angle of the street with the refronted Midland Bank continuing to the left.
  15. II 9 & White House
    1,2 Broad Street
  16. II Ackill House
    Reached by irregular route from the main road above Rock Bridge between Presteigne and Dolley Green.
  17. II and J.E.Morgan
    Part of a larger frontage with Manchester House adjoining.
  18. II and Parry Powell (Estate Agents)
    Set back from No 45 and forward from No 47 adjoining.
  19. II Apple Tree House
    46&47 Hereford Street
  20. II Bach House
    Remotely situated by a stream in Bach Dingle and reached by a steep road Meeting House Lane to N of Norton Village.
  21. II Barley Mow P.H. Photos
    Public house with adjoining yard and outbuilding set in the middle of terraced brick rows (one dated 1863).
  22. II Base of Cross at St. Andrew's Churchyard
  23. II Bell House
    On a detatched site, at entrance to farm machinery yard and work shops (W.J.Taylor).
  24. II Belmont House including Derek's Hairstyles Photos
    43 High Street
  25. II Bircher Close
    At right angles to the road.
  26. II Bodmin House
    Set back to the right of Glenfield House with frontage running into Church Street.
  27. II Boultibrooke House
    Set on a wooden rise facing south towards the River Lugg.
  28. II Boundary Wall between Garage at No.2 and Coach House to Manor House
    Boundary wall to rear ground at St David's and the Manor House, St David's Street.
  29. II Boundary Wall running NE from Coach House and SE Down west wall to end at Driveway to Rectory
    Boarded wall enclosing 3 sides of the former Rectory garden which is now divided between the gardens of the Manor House (formerly the Rectory) and the present Rectory.
  30. II Boundary Wall with doorway to right of Manor House
    Short section of high garden wall attached to and forward from the right end of the Manor House.
  31. II Broad Heath House
    In its own grounds with driveway to the south of the road.
  32. II Cat and Fiddle
    Former PH close to the road.
  33. II Church House Photos
    Occupying a prominent island site with elevations to Broad Street and to St. Andrews Churchyard.
  34. II* Church of Saint Andrew Photos
    On the E side of the B4355 at the N end of the village.
  35. II Church View
    Gable-fronted cottage, partly overlaid by roof of terraced row to right.
  36. II Church View
    Pair of cottages (formerly three), at end of a row and stepped forward from Oak Villars adjoining uphill.
  37. II Clarence House
    Adjoining the Shire Hall and flanked by walled garden to left.
  38. II Clatterbrune and Clatterbrune West Photos
    Small country house in its own grounds.
  39. II Coach House and Service Range at Boultibrooke Hose Photos
    NW range to rear of the house.
  40. II Coach House to rear of Manor House
  41. II Corner Shop including flat over Photos
    Occupying a prominent corner site with flat entered from Green End.
  42. II Corte House (formerly Taylor's Farmhouse)
    Set back from road with farm range forward to left.
  43. II Courtyard Ranges at Upper Dolley House
    Approached down a side from Dolley Green and forming an L-plan group at the entrance to the house from W.
  44. II Croesaw
  45. II Cromwell Cottage
    44&45 Hereford Street
  46. II Dolley Farmhouse
    Approached down a side road from Dolley Green and to the S of Upper Dolley House.
  47. II Duke's Arms PH including Off-Licence shop Photos
  48. II Farm Range at Corte House
    Running forward to the left of Corte House.
  49. II Farmer's Arms Photos
    Wide frontage below the eaves level of the Market Hall adjoining.
  50. II Fold Farmhouse Photos
    Below the level of the churchyard opposite.
  51. II Ford View (formerly Old Bridge Inn)
    Adjoining St Andrew's Churchyard on N side and close to Lugg bridge.
  52. II Former Coach-house and Stables at Norton Manor House
    To N of the Manor House and set at right angles to the entrance front.
  53. II Former Dairy Building at Home Farm, Norton Manor
    Immediately to the west of Home Farm on a by-road to Ackhill, and opposite the lodge at the former south driveway to Norton Manor House.
  54. II Formerly The Old Oak PH Photos
    13 Broad Street
  55. II G & L Hall Photos
    Set back from No 47 adjoining.
  56. II Garden Wall at The Old Rectory
    Along street line, now heavily over grown.
  57. II Garden Walls at Warden Court
  58. II Garrison House
  59. II Godwin House
    Set back slightly, Ave Maria Lane to right.
  60. II Green End House
  61. II Greenfield House, including gate Piers and Railings Photos
    In its own grounds near roundabout at junction of B4362 and B4355.
  62. II Greystones
    2 St David's Street
  63. II Hafod
    Between taller properties,but structurally free standing.
  64. II Hairdresser
    One building forward from No 13 to right.
  65. II Haps Ltd. including Flat over
    2 & 3 High Street
  66. II Harford House
    Set back behind a large C19 shop front, long elevation to Station Road.
  67. II Harley House Photos
    Set back from the street with cobbled forecourt and adjoining Ossington House.
  68. II including Fish & Chip Shop
    10 High Street
  69. II including Glyn Slade Jones (Butcher Shop)
    16 High Street
  70. II including Presteigne Crafts
    Long upright range on corner with Harper's Lane.
  71. II Ivy House
    Plain cottage to street adjoining the gable of No 1 Church View.
  72. II King's Head Stores
    44&45 High Street
  73. II Lloyd's Bank House
    Set back from the adjoining stone bank building on the corner of Station Road.
  74. II Llysrhosen
    48&49 Hereford Street
  75. II Lodge to Boultibrooke House
    Above the road at driveway to Boultibrooke House.
  76. II London House (Browsers Boutique) including Flat over
    Adjoinig Market Hall frontage.
  77. II London House including London Cottage to rear
    Forward from the right of corner shop.
  78. II Long Barn and attached Byre Range at Old Impton Farm
    L-plan group uphill to Old Impton Farmhouse.
  79. II Lower Broad Heath Farmhouse
    Large farm house close to Hindwell Brook and reached by a farm road running south from Broad Heath Common.
  80. II Manchester House including Just Jill and Sparey Newsagent
    Part of a larger frontage with No 52 and J E Morgan adjoining.
  81. II Manor Cottage
    Attached to the rear of the Manor House and originally part of the service wing.
  82. II Mansion House including Country Style (formerly Bennett's Shop)
    42 High Street
  83. II Market Hall Photos
    Prominently sited in the centre of the town with two main fronts.
  84. II Methodist Church and Hall
    Set back from the street with a walled and railed forecourt.
  85. II Millichamp
    8 High Street
  86. II Milllfield
    Angled forward to the street with narrow pavement.
  87. II Myrtle Cottage
    In two parts with gable ends to lane.
  88. II No.1 Broad Street,,,,,powys,
    1 Broad Street
  89. II No.1 High Street,,,,,powys,
    1 High Street
  90. II No.2 Broad Street,,,,,powys,
    2 Broad Street
  91. II No.2 Hereford Street,,,,,powys,
    Low corner building to Harper's Lane.
  92. II No.38 High Street,,,,,powys,,8891
    Set forward from its neighbours.
  93. II No.39 High Street,,,,,powys,
    Forward slightly from the Castle.
  94. II No.7 St.david's Street,,,,,powys,
    7 St David's Street
  95. II No.8 Broad Street,,,,,powys,,8819
    Prominent 3 storey frontage projecting forward from Harley House to left.
  96. II No.8 Hereford Street,,,,,powys,
    8 Hereford Street
  97. II No.9 High Street,,,,,powys,,8882
    9 High Street
  98. II Norton Manor House Photos
    Reached by a long driveway from the Presteigne to Norton Road.
  99. II Norton Mill
    Set beside the Norton Brook and reached by a track from the main road near Townsend Villa.
  100. II Norton Post Office
    By the roadside opposite St Andrews Church.
  101. II* Nos 27 and 28 Hereford Street (Sw Side), Presteigne,,,,,powys,
    Together with the adjoining No 26 this forms a detached building on the south-eastern edge of Presteigne.
  102. II Nos.11 & 12 Broad Street,,,,,powys,
    C17 frontage forward to the street.
  103. II Nos.12 & 13 High Street,,,,,powys,
    One building, slightly set back from street line, yard entry to right.
  104. II Nos.20 & 21 Broad Street,,,,,powys,
    Below the level of the churchyard opposite.
  105. II Oak Villas
    Picturesque group of gable fronted cottages set back from the road.
  106. II Old Boultibrooke Bridge
    Across the River Lugg immediately to west of the Presteigne to Norton Road and giving access to sawmill.
  107. II* Old Impton Farmhouse Photos
    Sited uphill to NW of Norton Manor and approached by a long road from Norton Village.
  108. II* Old Rectory
    Set well back from street in its own grounds next to churchyard.
  109. II Old Rectory Barn
    In garden to rear of the Old Rectory and with gable end abutting the churchyard.
  110. II Ossington House Photos
    Set back from the street with cobbled forecourt.
  111. II Outbuilding and Boundary Wall to NE of Warden Court
  112. II Outbuilding at Bach House
    Remotely situated near Bach House and reached by a steep road from Meeting House Lane.
  113. II Outbuilding at yard entry next to Barley Mow PH
    With gable end to street and attached to terraced brick row (dated 1863).
  114. II Paradise Villa
    Prominently sited at the open junction with Castle Road.
  115. II Post Office
    On a corner site with equal frontages to Broad and High Streets.
  116. II Presteigne Autopart & Rookery Books
    One building continuous with adjoining properties to left and right.
  117. II Price Monument
    On an elevated site above the road, close to Offa's Dyke at Hengwm Hill to NW of Village.
  118. II Radnor House including Annie's Cake Shop and Nick's Bargain Centre Photos
    On corner with Green End opposite the Market Hall.
  119. II* Radnorshire Arms Hotel
    Set forward to street with gardens to left side and rear, small yard to right.
  120. II RC Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St Therese
    Towards SE end of built-up area of Presteigne; attached to Greenfield House.
  121. II Red House Photos
    SE side
  122. II Roseland
    At the end of a continuous row of cottages running uphill to Ave Maria Lane, open ground to left.
  123. II S&T Ironmongers including Offices
    5 Broad Street
  124. II* Shire Hall including Branch Library and Museum Photos
    Wide neo-classical public building set into slope.
  125. II Single Span Bridge over Tributary of River Lugg
    Combe, County of Herefordshire, LD8
  126. I St Andrew's Church Photos
    In a spacious churchyard close to the River Lugg with Broad Street low down east and Church Street to north-west.
  127. II St. David's House
  128. II Stable, Byre and Corn Barn Ranges at Fold Farm
    Set back from the road and reached by an access to left of Fold Farmhouse.
  129. II Tan House
    Below the road and adjacent to Lugg bridge.
  130. II Telephone Call-Box at S.corner with Mynd Road, opposite parish churchyard B4355, Norton.
    Set diagonally into grassy bank opposite the Lychgate to St Andrew's Church.
  131. II Telephone Call-box on pavement adjacent to Harford House
    On grass verge at edge of wide pavement close to junction with Hereford Street.
  132. II The Bull Hotel
    Long irregular frontage with return gable end to High Street and twin gabled range forward at right end.
  133. II The Castle (formerly The Castle PH)
  134. II The Church Room
    On E side of road, about 250m S of St Andrew's Church.
  135. II The Coffee House including entry to Albert Square
    51 High Street
  136. II The Cottage
    By roadside. Similar Jacobethan style to Norton Manor.
  137. II The Forge
    Below the churchyard and reached by a road running E from the main road.
  138. II The Fruit Shop
    4 High Strret
  139. II The Gables
    Set back and slightly above the road.
  140. II* The Manor House (formerly The Rectory)
  141. II The Manse
    Adjoining the Shire Hall.
  142. II The Old Mill (formerly "New Mill House")
    By itself on the south bank of the River Lugg, adjacent to weir. Now converted to domestic use.
  143. II The Old Vicarage
    On an eminence above the road to N of the churchyard.
  144. II The Posting House including the Potlatch
    Forward to street with yard entry to right side.
  145. II The Temple
    Reached by roadway between John Beddoes School and the Clatter Brook.
  146. II Ulna & Glenfield House
  147. II Upper Broad Heath Farmhouse
    Reached by a farm road running south from Broad Heath Common.
  148. II* Upper Dolley House
    Approached down a side road running south from Dolley Green and reached through a courtyard of outbuildings.
  149. II Upper Rowley Farmhouse
    In a remote upland situation near the western edge of the Presteigne Community Council boundary, to SE of Discoed.
  150. II W.E.Lloyd Saddler including Flat over
    5 High Street
  151. II War Memorial
    Almost opposite lych gate of St Andrew's Church.
  152. II Warden Court
  153. II Warden View
    On corner with Pound Lane.
  154. II Warren Villa
    33-35 High Street
  155. II* Wegnall Old Farmhouse Photos
    Close by Hindwell Brook (marking the English border) and reached by an irregular farm track from the Presteigne to Kington road.
  156. II* Wegnall Old Farmhouse
    Close by Hindwell Brook (marking the English border) and reached by an irregular farm track from the Presteigne to Kington road
  157. II Well Cottage
    Attached to rear of Well House and reached through entry into Canon's Lane.
  158. II Well House including entry to Canon's Lane Photos
    14 Broad Street
  159. II Whitehall House
    Frontage in two parts with higher cross range forwars to right,
  160. II Ye Olde Shoppe
    Set back from No 46 adjoining.

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